Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pardoned Turkey Refuses To Shake President Bush's Hand

President Bush's lonely lame duck Presidency took another "fowl" turn this week when "Roost and Run", the turkey chosen to receive the ceremonial Presidential pardon, refused to shake hands with the President. 

"Look, I appreciate what the guy's done for me and mine, but after what he's done to America's standing in the world, I just couldn't put on the happy turkey face, you know? It's a principle thing," "Roost and Run" said through a translator. 

President Bush took the snub in stride, the same way he did earlier this week when he was systematically ignored by his fellow world leaders at the G-20 summit. 

Mr. Bush then moped across the South Lawn of the White House, eliciting sympathy from the press core. 

"I never thought he was such a bad little president," said Helen Thomas. "Maybe he just needs a little love."

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