Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chevy Chase, MD, Sues Chevy Chase, Person, For Defamation Of Character

The city council of Chevy Chase, MD announced their plans today to sue actor and comedian Chevy Chase for the "continued defamation and debasement of (their) town name".

City council members said that plans for the law suit had been kicking around for years, "basically since Funny Farm came out," said council member Georgia Meyers. "We were holding out hope that he'd turn out some late career reinvention, you know like Bill Murray did, but nope. Still an asshole."

The council said that the final factor in deciding to go ahead with their case was last week's announcement that Chase planned to star in Not Another Not Another Movie, a film spoofing films that spoof other films.

"We try to represent the best possible image of Chevy Chase to the world - we rely on the tourist trade - and when he keeps putting dreck like that out there under our city's name, well it's basically like he just built a tire factory in the middle of downtown," councilman Craig O'Neill said. "Like the man's just been slapping us in the face for years, and we haven't done a thing about it."

Legal analysts agree that the city of Chevy Chase has a much better chance of winning their case in the aftermath of last week's lawsuit against Warner Brothers studios and director Christopher Nolan by the mayor of Batman, Turkey, for failing to ask for his permission to use the name "Batman". "This looks way less silly in comparison to that," said legal analyst Joesph Steven. "I mean who wouldn't want to be named after Batman?"

The city council is seeking an undisclosed settlement from Mr. Chase, script approval on any of his future projects, and a public apology for making Spies Like Us.

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