Thursday, November 6, 2008

Michael Bay Sues Obama For Stealing 'People Of The World Celebrate' Ending

Hollywood director Michael Bay announced Friday that he plans to sue the campaign of President Elect Barack Obama for copyright infringement, claiming that by causing the citizens of the world to erupt in celebration over his victory, Mr. Obama stole his intellectual property. "That's what I do," the director said in a press conference. "The world almost ends, hero saves it at the last minute, boom, the world rejoices as one. People see that, time and again, they say, 'Oh, that's Michael Bay. Awesome.'"

Bay claims that the cathartic burst of joy expressed the world over following Obama's victory in the US presidential race that was carried by numerous television outlets was too similar to his trademark ending, most notably that of his asteroid action adventure Armageddon, to be a coincidence. 

"They knew they needed the biggest possible end for this thing, so obviously they looked to me. Michael Bay. I get that. But I didn't receive one call, one text. I feel ripped off, and I think the world feels ripped off too. Because if that was a true Michael Bay ending, way more stuff would have blown up."

Bay cites his case against fellow director Roland Emmerich as precedent for the lawsuit. Bay recieved an undisclosed amount in damages from Emmerich and Twentieth Century Fox Productions after he accused them of stealing the ending of Armageddon for their Independence Day. It was considered a landmark case due to the fact that Independence Day was produced two years before Armageddon.

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