Tuesday, September 16, 2008

X was never like this.

I've always enjoyed the way that Netflix is able to actually recommend movies that I enjoy, but now I dread going to my home page because there isn't anything in the world that screams "You're a film student" more than a website that wants to tell you about Indie Dramas from the 70s. Which led to this little quadruple feature:

I'm not sure how my interest in an Oscar winning musical biopic, a New Wave neo-noir, and a Michael Haneke thriller made a computer think I'd like to spend an afternoon watching three softcore porns and story about Jewish orphans during World War II, but throw in a wheel of brie and that pretty much sums up my description of a perfect afternoon.

I also like how Netflix now gives me the option to rate an entire country on a star based scale. Belgium? Two Stars - DID NOT LIKE.

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