Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Does the Clark really need someone in a crowd to hold up a sign for it?

My mother claimed to have been holding a sign with my name on it while they were filming this, then when I said I couldn't see it, she said that she was probably too close to the crane to actually be in the shot, which is exactly the kind of thing my mom would say when she wants me to know that she loves me but doesn't actually want to embarrass herself in public/on national television. Thanks Mom. 

Personal notes:
  • They just shut down route 7?
  • The aerial shots that make it appear that Stockbridge just springs forth from a magical forest. Which, I guess, technically is true. 
  • The post song interview Diane Sawyer has with James Taylor about his roots in the community goes so far as to have him point at Austen Riggs, which is only about fifty feet away, and yet no one mentions heroin. Nicely done Diane. 
  • The fact that at the end of this song, the entire town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts didn't spontaneously burst into one giant apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side astounds me. 
Seriously, I'm pretty sure this is what the official seal of the Berkshires now looks like: 

That's James Taylor and Yo-Yo Ma enjoying a sundae on Moby Dick's back as they glide down a glowing Housatonic River on a lovely Sunday afternoon (W.E.B. Dubois was excluded because he was a communist and nobody enjoys that). Just imagine that it was beautifully painted by Norman Rockwell and not drawn by someone with the artistic skills of a third grader and then captured onto a terrible iPhone camera.

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